Solar Production Startups: Industry-Leading Solar Turnkey Service

20 - 500 MW Solar Turnkey Lines With DESERT Technology

20 - 500 MW Solar Turnkey

Our Services Include The Following

The following services are part of what we can offer you! Submit the contact form to receive more information.

Factory Layout

We provide individual 3D CAD drawings of the complete production line including all the necessary support (power, pneumatic, and exhaust).


We plan the complete factory building, including the warehouse, offices, and production area.

Building Services Engineering

Our services include detailed planning for the facility and environmental requirements of your production line.

Process and Plant Technology

We offer full turnkey services for training, process, ramp up and production to help kickstart your business.

Project Management and Controlling

Our services include assistance in all phases of your project from the beginning until production is up and running.

Comprehensive Engineering Services

We provide assistance in all steps of the project. This includes helping with technical data for panel datasheets, purchasing materials, and more.

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We Are the Go-to Company for Solar Productions Startups

  • Personal assistance from experienced production leaders
  • Complete turnkey service that includes material supplies, module design, factory design, ramp-up specialists, and more
  • German TÜV or American UL support
  • New or refurbished equipment
  • Completely automated solutions beginning from 100 MW
  • Small-scale production lines also available for customers who want to start with a low budget
  • Complete technology transfer

100% Focused on Solar Panel Production Startups


In our company, we value close cooperation with our customers - even after the completion of the project. We work closely with former customers to ensure that our services are always up to date. This supports us in our mission to constantly meet the needs of our customers.

Solar Panel for Hot Areas

We Are the Inventor of the Original DESERT Technology

Desert Module

The J.v.G. Thoma DESERT solar panel is a world-class solar panel backed by extensive expertise and experience (over 10 years of research and development, plus more than 5 years in mass production).

Our turnkey production is flexible and available in all types and sizes. We also have highly flexible panel sizes.

General Benefits of the J.v.G. DESERT Technology / DESERT Module Include:

  • High temperature - up to 125 °C continuously
  • Long service life - up to 75 years, guaranteed for 45 years
  • 100% recyclable
  • Higher yield - over 50% in 30 years
  • At present, already at 5% more power than conventional modules

Join our free e-course and learn how to build your own highly profitable solar module production line. It's free!

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