Tailor-Made Turnkey Solar Services and World-Class Performance for Your Enterprise

J.v.G. technology GmbH has built plants in many parts of the world. Throughout our experiences, we have learned that each customer has their own expectations and each project its own specifics. Therefore, we offer not only high-performance standardized plants but also special designs. We tailor individual components to your specific requirements. Whatever you’re looking for, you can always rely on our one-stop service and outstanding performance. If this sounds interesting, contact us - TODAY!

turnkey solar

All Ready for Your Production

  • Automated glass washer - with integrated EVA loading device
  • Busing station - with patented induction soldering
  • Laminator - with innovative laminating process
  • Automated Lay-Up
  • Manual stations for washing, EVA cut & place, Tedlar, ALU frames, boxes, edge cutting, etc.
  • J. v. G. Tabber Stringer DESERT+ single / DOUBLE / QUAD up to 12 busbars
  • Framing - (automatic) frame and key corner assembling machine
  • J. v. G. LED Basic 2.0 XBB - LED Cell Tester
  • Automation using KUKA robots

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