LED Solar Flasher: Sun Simulator

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Led Solar Flasher

With the innovative J.v.G. LED Basic 2.0 Flasher, each module is tested not just once, but five times in one go. The advantage is that the LED version is faster at measuring than normal XENON flashers. 

Features of the LED flasher:

  • LED pulsed light
  • 5.000.000 flash times
  • Maximum flash area 1m x 2m
  • High reliable
  • With Siemens SPS control
  • For up to 150 MW
  • Also available in a fully automated version

Available Options for the LED Solar Flasher

  • Full automation (feed in, contacting, labeling, feed out)
  • Big touch panel
  • Scanner for barcode
  • Upgrade Label printer
  • Other options on request

Our LED Flasher can be upgraded to a multi-test station for the following tests:

  • Flash test (power output)
  • EL-Test (for crack detection)
  • Hipot Test (for electrical isolation)

This machine is also available in a fully automated version.

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