New Busbar Technology

With 12-Busbar-Technology, there is less shaded area on the cell, leading to more yield!

Also, the tiny round ribbons reduce reflected light and increase the yield of the DESERT+12 solar module. Especially in hot areas, and in combination with our DESERT+ foil, junction box and ALU frame, you get much more electricity from our solar modules.

The combination of the raw material and the special DESERT+ soldering process leads to much less mechanical stress for the solar cell, lowering the risk of hot spots, micro cracks and degradation. So DESERT+ solar modules lead to much better durability for the module.

J.v.G. offers the new DESERT+12 with polycrystalline, monocrystalline, PERC and heterojunction technology in glass/foil and glass/glass design.

In your turnkey factory, you will receive these unique, new technologies combined with DESERT+ from now on.

The pictures show the 12 BB DESERT+12 solar module made with our special 12 BB stringer. 

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