Solar Module Equipment and Solar Panel Laboratory Testing Equipment

Discover our wide array of solar module equipment and lab tools. As industry leaders, we’re excited to provide a variety of modern instruments. These tools make solar panels work better, last longer, and stay safe. 

Our many options help solar experts and researchers with their specific needs for testing, measurements, and quality. 

Our Range of Solar Module Testing Equipment

  • LED flasher / sun simulator
  • EL tester
  • HiPot tester
  • Gel test
  • String tester
  • Hail tester
  • Bending tester
  • UVA and UVB tester
  • Visual control unit
  • And more..

Led Flasher / Sun Simulator

The LED flasher, which is also called a sun simulator, is a very important tool. It pretends to be the sun in order to help solar panels work optimally when the sunlight changes. This lets us check how well the solar module equipment works and see how effectively it is making energy.

Our pretend suns copy sunlight so you can see how well the panels do in a safe place. You can learn about their performance, efficiency, how much energy they make, and how dependable they are.

EL Tester

Electroluminescence (EL) testing is crucial for detecting defects and cracks in solar cells that are not visible under normal lighting conditions.

Our EL tester provides high-resolution imaging of solar cells, helping identify potential electrical issues that might affect module performance over time. This tool is invaluable for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of solar panels. 

HiPot Tester

Safety is paramount in the solar energy industry. Our High-Potential (Hipot) tester machines ensure that modules are electrically insulated and can withstand high-voltage calibration without risking short circuits or electrical hazards. With precise testing capabilities, the Hipot tester guarantees the durability and reliability of solar panels, even in demanding conditions. 

Solar Gel Tester

The Gel Test tool checks the quality of the gel inside solar panels. This special test helps identify any problems with the gel without damaging the panels. It makes sure the gel is still protecting the solar cells from water and other potential stressors. This test ultimately makes the panels last longer. 

String Tester

For systems comprised of multiple solar panels that are connected in a series, the string tester verifies the performance of these interconnected modules. This tool identifies any weak links or underperforming panels in the string, allowing for timely maintenance and optimization. 

Hail Tester

Solar panels are exposed to various weather conditions, including hailstorms. Our hail tester subjects solar module equipment to simulated hail impacts, assessing their resilience and ability to withstand potential damage. This information is crucial for designing solar installations that can endure challenging weather events. 

Bending Testers

Solar panels may experience mechanical stress due to installation or environmental factors. The bending tester evaluates the module's flexibility and mechanical durability, ensuring that it can handle bending forces without compromising its structural integrity.

UVA and UVB Testers

Solar panels cannot avoid UV radiation from the sun. Our UVA and UVB tester checks how well panels handle this radiation. This keeps them from wearing out too early and helps solar cells and protective materials last longer.

Visual Control Unit

The visual control unit helps people look at solar panels and quickly and easily determine if the panels look correct. This unit finds any problems that are on the surface, like spots or color changes, that could make the panels work poorly.

And More...

Our commitment to accuracy, innovation and customer satisfaction drives us to continually expand our range of equipment. From advanced solar module production monitoring systems to data loggers, we're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to excel in the solar energy field.

Solar Module Test Equipment

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  • Solar Expertise: With years of industrial experience in the solar panel manufacturing industry, our engineers understand the unique challenges faced by solar energy professionals. We offer tailored solutions that address your specific needs for testing and quality control.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our equipment is at the forefront of renewable technological advancement, ensuring accurate and reliable solar panel production results that contribute to the success of your solar projects.
  • Reliability:  We prioritize the durability and longevity of our equipment. Each instrument is designed to withstand rigorous usage and provide consistent performance over time with cost-friendly services.
  • Comprehensive Support:  From PV panel installation to PV systems maintenance and manufacturing processes, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you at every step. We're committed to ensuring your experience with our photovoltaic systems equipment is seamless and productive.

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