75 MW PV Solar Module Production Line - Classic

75 MW PV Solar Module Production Line

At J. v. G. Technology GmbH, we lead the solar industry with our Classic 75 MW PV and Solar Module Production Line.

This fully integrated solution revolutionizes solar module production with advanced automation technology, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our comprehensive range of services supports customers in factory layout design, building engineering, process and plant technology, project management, and engineering assistance.

The line includes cutting-edge machines for high-quality solar panels. With a focus on sustainability and global impact, we are driving the future of solar module production.

The sources of cleaner, more sustainable energy sources is at the forefront of global innovation. The solar industry, in particular, is experiencing remarkable advancements. J.v.G. Technology GmbH stands as a torchbearer in the market and enhance this exciting journey. Their latest offering, the Classic 75 MW PV and Solar Module Production Line, signifies a significant leap in solar manufacturing technology.

The Classic 75 MW PV and Solar Module Production Line- A Revolution in Solar Manufacturing

The Classic 75 MW PV and Solar Module Production Line is not your average production system; it's a fully integrated solution for producing photovoltaic (PV) cells. What sets this system apart is its integration of advanced automation technology, paving the way for an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective production process.

When it comes to the world of solar energy and electricity production, your each step counts. The solar module production doesn't merely deliver solar modules; it represents a commitment to a clean energy, greener future powered by sustainable energy. Here's an in-depth look at what makes this solar module production line of electricity a game-changer:

We Include the Following Services

By partnership with J. v. G. technology GmbH, you can access the following services. Please fill out the form on the right for further information.

Factory Layout

The Classic 75 MW PV Production Line by J. v. G. Technology GmbH begins with a crucial step—Factory Layout. Personalized 3D CAD drawings offer a comprehensive visual guide, detailing the layout and essential support systems. It's a roadmap to excellence in solar module production, ensuring efficiency from the start. 


The process of preparing a factory building can be time-consuming. We will determine the dimensions, layout, and amenities of your factory’s production area, warehouse, and office spaces. 

Building  engineering

Preparing a factory for solar module production involves precise planning of dimensions, layout, and amenities. Beyond construction, J. v. G. Technology GmbH emphasizes detailed planning for facility and environmental needs. Safety, comfort, and efficiency are prioritized, creating a workplace that benefits both employees and solar module production.

Process and plant technology

Achieving success in solar module production requires meticulous planning and thorough training. J. v. G. Technology GmbH's Classic 75 MW PV Production Line provides a turnkey service encompassing training, process optimization, and start-up, empowering operators with superhero-like skills to ensure efficient and safe production.

Project Management & controlling

Constructing a solar module production facility is a complex process, but with J. v. G. Technology GmbH's support, it becomes a guided journey. From ordering machines to final production, they assist in design, layout, equipment selection, and oversee installation—offering a guiding hand at every crucial step.

Comprehensive engineering services

The road to excellence is paved with attention to detail. J. v. G. Technology GmbH offers comprehensive engineering services that cover all the bases. From providing technical data for panel datasheets to assisting with material procurement and equipment installation, they ensure that no stone is left unturned. Their commitment to nurturing excellence throughout the project is unwavering.

75 MW PV Production Line - Classic Edition Includes the Following Machines:

The Classic 75 MW PV Production Line includes a range of cutting-edge machines, each with a specific role in the solar module production process of each solar cells. From Stringers to Inspection Tables, every machine plays a crucial part in bringing solar modules to life. It's a harmonious symphony of technology working towards a common goal – the production of high-quality solar panels.

  • Stringer
  • Repairstation
  • Layup, Busing and Glass Prepare Station
  • Foil Cutting Station
  • Conveyer
  • Laminator
  • Cooling
  • Trimming
  • Framer
  • Junctionbox Station
  • LED Flasher
  • Inspectionstable

The Road Ahead: Sustainability and Excellence

As the world increasingly shifts its focus toward reducing carbon emissions. It is also embracing renewable energy systems, the role of J. v. G. Technology GmbH's Classic 75 MW PV Production Line manufacturing process becomes more significant. Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental requirement in the solar industry. This isn't about the here and now; it's about securing a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

Every photovoltaic modules that rolls out of this solar photovoltaics and solar module production line is a step toward a more sustainable world. It's not just about meeting industry demands; it's about setting new standards of excellence. The adaptability and efficiency of this solar module production line simplify the process of accommodating growing production requirements. This unlimited capacity ensures that it's always at the forefront of solar module production technology.

A Global Impact

The solar industry is a global phenomenon, transcending geographical boundaries. Companies worldwide are gearing up to meet the ever-increasing demand for solar PV modules, and J. v. G. Technology GmbH's services are designed to cater to both European and international manufacturers. Their influence extends beyond borders, shaping the global solar module production landscape.

J. v. G. Technology GmbH's Classic 75 MW PV Production Line is more than a production system; it's a promise of excellence, sustainability, and innovation with new technologies. Every solar panel that it produces is a testament to its unwavering commitment to a cleaner, greener world powered by solar energy. It's a step toward a brighter future, one solar module at a time.

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