Mass Production of J.v.G. Desert Modules Commences 

February 19, 2020


19.01.2015 – Freystadt/Oberpfalz – J.v.G. technology is celebrating another production roll-out now that mass production of the Desert Modules has commenced. The modules were ready for series production in the last quarter of 2012. Now they are being supplied to several countries that are predestined for this module type: Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka, India and Turkey. All of them are countries with extremely hot climates, where the Desert Modules can demonstrate what they are capable of.

What are the special features of the Desert Modules by J.v.G.?

The ability to withstand (constant) extreme temperatures of up to 125 °C, 100 % free of potential induced degradation (PID), maximum energy efficiency and a high annual yield are just three of the Desert Module’s “positive attributes“. They also have very long working lives, even in tough conditions. In fact, they are capable of delivering excellent energy yields for 20 years and longer.

Interesting for anyone considering mass production with desert power

Not only are the modules in mass production, the company is delighted to have received its first enquires about the construction of entire desert power plants. Turnkey plants are one of J.v.G. technology GmbH’s specialist fields. It applies the following maxim to the production process: the engineers’ top priority is the first-rate quality of the manufactured modules. And the company naturally also ensures maximum efficiency along the entire production chain. Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G. technology, is looking forward to receiving further enquiries from interested companies and investors.

About J.v.G. technology GmbH

The family owned company J.v.G. technology is the market leader for turnkey solar production plants and has worldwide operations. It is based in Freystadt, Bavaria. The experts at J.v.G. support customers throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company’s portfolio includes solar production consultancy services, solar factory implementation and the purchasing and sale of solar components.

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