J.v.G Thoma Builds Solar Plant In Poland 

February 19, 2020


Solar plant in Poland- It finally happened

In a few days, the new solar plant is going to be launched that J.v.G. technology has jointly “booted up” in Poland. The installed components included Stringer, Robot Layup, Busing, Laminator, Trim, Framer and Flasher. The initial manufacturing of modules will be supervised by experts from Germany. Approximately 100 kW are expected to be generated there.

For a long time, solar energy was hardly a topic of interest to any one in Poland. But all that changed, when the president signed in April this year the legislation for the promotion of solar power. This could be seen as a big relief to Poland’s photovoltaic industry, because it will at last get what it has been waiting for – for years together, namely the security of planning.

Subsequently, a Polish enterprise approached J.v.G. technology – with a proposal to build in near future not only solar modules, but also to go one step further. The plan is to certify and produce a jointly developed hybrid module in the new plant, namely the Desert Hybrid Module. Such a module can generate power approx. 250 – 300 W electrically and approx. 500 W thermally.

The thermal collector as well as the Desert PV-Modules will be manufactured in Poland. The production system is going to be adapted and optimized to this new product.

The installation of systems/machines was carried out during the last few months. Now, all machines are running perfectly without any disruptions and are ready for the start off. The system specialists from J.v.G. technology are on site to provide support for the entire process – until the stage of controlling the quality of the modules.

“We are confident that we will be producing here top quality products, because, at the time of installation, we have successfully transfused a J.v.G. Certificate of TÜV into the Polish manufacturing“, Hans Thoma, the General Manager of the Thoma-Group.

*Polish for: All in good time.

About J.v.G. technology GmbH

J.v.G. technology designs and builds entire solar module production plants. Its portfolio of services also includes the purchase and sale of solar components and consultancy services for solar module manufacturers. The company has been in the market for more than 20 years. J.v.G. technology intentionally invests in the development of new processes and has numerous patents. It has worldwide operations.

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