New Lamination Technology for Solar Production Equipment 

February 19, 2020


Lamination Technology for Solar Production Equipment

Faster, better, and smarter: soon a new, innovative, multi-stage lamination technique with cooling technology will be launched and become part of J.v.G. technology’s wide range of products. The procedure is particularly useful for installations above 100 MW capacity, and of special interest for Glass/ Glass modules and hybrid modules. But even enterprises engaged in the HPTP sector (Desert modules) can benefit from it.

It took three full years to develop this multi-stage lamination technology with an integrated cool press and desert process. In this three-year period, Komax Solar built three additional laminators with patented induction heating. Now, J.v.G. will acquire this technology from Komax and work on it until it is ready for the market and for desert process.

With this new technology, the Bavaria-based family enterprise of J.v.G will own another key technology for manufacturing solar modules. In the future, J.v.G. will be in a position to deliver various stages of the production chain from a single source: stringers (120 micron soldering), LED flashers and multi-level lamination.

First Hot, Then Cool, and Repeat Three Times – a Look into the Lamination Process The lamination equipment is given a lifter that lifts the modules in the loading area up onto the free and available level. The lamination is done with an induction heating system. The cooling press is attached separately, so that capacity is not reduced, and the cooling press cools the modules to 60 – 80 °C in order to prevent bubbles from forming on the sides of the modules. Currently, the first laminator is installed in the manufacturing unit of Jurawatt Vertriebs GmbH, where it will be tested for series production.

Why Is Investing in the New Method Worth Your Money?

With our new technology, within a single manufacturing period, three times as many modules are produced, and at much higher quality than before. This new method is faster and has fewer rejects and triple the output: those who care about the money know how quickly this new technology can pay off.

About J.v.G. technology GmbH

J.v.G. technology has been active in the solar industry for more than 20 years. We are specialists in the construction of ready-to-use solar production systems and turnkey factories for desert modules. Our family business has its head office in Freystadt/Bavaria and serves customers all over Europe, America and Asia.

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