Solar Module Production in Bangladesh 

February 19, 2020


All You Need to Know About Solar Module Production in Bangladesh

The solar module producer, Baneco Solar Energy Ltd., has decided to acquire from J.v.G. technology a semi-automatic unit with an annual efficiency of 20 MW. However, by mid-2012, efficiency is expected to be increase to 40 MW. The ramp-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2012, which will be the last test phase before the market release.

The partnership between Baneco Solar Ltd. and the group undertaking Thoma will be further advanced, since A.K.M. Mazibur Rahman will exclusively represent J.v.G. in Bangladesh.

Dependable Energy Suppliers: PV Solutions for Demanding Deployment Areas

Initially the product range of Baneco Solar Energy will include three systems: the J.v.G. Desert Module, the J.v.G. Flex Module and the J.v.G. Off Grid solutions. These PV modules developed by J.v.G. technology are perfectly customized to the conditions in Bangladesh, bearing in mind the climate conditions such as temperatures up to 40 °C during summer months, incessant rain and extreme humidity during the monsoon season (up to 99% in July).

“Our Desert Module was subjected to the severest of tests according to the IEC/DIN standards, as are all our products. They include, for example, a UV test, a Temperature Cycling Test, a Humidity Freeze Test and a Damp Heat Test. This module scored everywhere the best grades,” explained Hans Thoma, the General Manager of the J.v.G. technology Group. A special Anti-Reflex coating increases transmission and, at the same time, acts as a layer that repels water and dirt.

The frameless Flex Module from J.v.G., on the other hand, does not require any substructure and thus opens up new locations for power generation. This is particularly important in a country where 80% of the population live in rural regions. This series of modules, too, has passed several endurance tests before being introduced to the market.

Similarly, the Off Grid solutions from J.v.G, which are stand-alone solar systems, are ideally suited for rural areas that can be served independently off the grid.

As a result, this advancement opens up a wide space for developments for J.v.G. technology GmbH and, naturally, for the future products of Baneco Solar Energy Ltd.

About J.v.G. technology Group

A leader in the industrial segment of the construction of turnkey solar power generation units, J.v.G. technology GmbH has its HQ at in Freystadt/Germany. We operate internationally and serve customers across Europe, America and Asia. Our services include consultation in the field of solar power generation, implementation of solar factories, and purchasing and selling solar components. J.v.G. technology pursues research and development activities as a top priority, with the aim of extending the possibilities of solar technology and constantly maximizing the efficiency of J.v.G. modules.

Brief Background for Baneco Solar Energy Ltd.

Baneco Solar Energy Ltd. was founded in 2009 and has its head office in Dhaka. Besides manufacturing solar panels, its future offerings will include the installation of photovoltaic systems. The company’s mission is to support Bangladesh in its economic and social development through the manufacture of renewable energies. Baneco Solar intends to contribute by using solar energy to ensure continuous power supply and reduce the power burden on the national power supply grid. In this respect, Baneco Solar consciously relies on innovative manufacturing technologies from Germany.

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