Solar plant in Nigeria 

February 19, 2020


Solar Plant in Nigeria

J.v.G. technology’s innovative Desert Technology is moving forward in Africa. Just a few months ago, J.v.G. technology reported that the first plant using the Desert process was on the way to Nigeria. In the meantime, everyone has been working hard, partly under extreme conditions. The plant was accepted at the end of October. Manufacturing can start now.

The World Bank, which is financing this project, is happy that all went well. It was money well spent!

The first made-in-Africa module confirmed in reality what has only existed on paper until now: the performance of the module meets all the high expectations. Once more, the Desert Technology developed by J.v.G. will prove its advantages compared to regular EVA technology.

Thinking From Small to Big

The initial results of these developments are encouraging. Right next to the factory, a Solar PV power plant will be installed to provide regular power. Then the Desert Technology will demonstrate its performance throughout Nigeria. This heat-resistant, robust technology from the cool country of Germany will be perfectly suitable for the climate conditions found in Nigeria.

Proceeding with a Good Prototype

Hans Thoma, the General Manager of J.v.G. technology Group and Managing Director of J.v.G. technology GmbH, believes that “The installation will take on a prototype character for the entire African market. In particular, we certainly haven’t reached the ‘end of our options’ with our technical developments.” J.v.G. technology provides a diverse spectrum of technologies that improve performance, from the coating and cooling system to the hybrid module itself.

Will Nigeria take advantage of these options soon? Further discussion will decide. Our customer intends to do much more with the products developed by J.v.G. technology GmbH.

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