Solar Production Line in Morocco 

February 19, 2020


Why a Solar Production Line in Morocco Is Important?

Morocco needs to make use of solar energy for a number of reasons. First, Morocco has a high level of solar insolation. This means that it gets a lot of sunlight, which makes it a good place to produce solar power. Also, most of Morocco’s energy comes from outside the country.

Increasing solar power production can help reduce Morocco’s reliance on energy from outside the country and also improve energy security. Also, Morocco has set ambitious goals for renewable energy production, which include increasing the amount of solar power in the country’s energy mix.

Solar Technology from J.v.G. technology Meets the Moroccan Climate: A Perfect Combination

At the end of February or beginning of March, the Bavarian solar specialists at J.v.G. technology will supply the most modern production line for PV modules in the whole of Morocco. In the future, high-quality, high-class premium solar PV panels will be produced in Morocco based on the German technology and standard.

The new technology has several technical highlights: not only does it include fully automatic production of the solar tabber stringer with induction soldering, but it also includes an automated robot lay-up, which ensures that the strings are laid in a particularly gentle fashion. The laminator with PIN lift works automatically – and thus, provides uniform lamination.

Solar Energy for The Sun King

Morocco’s King, Mohammed VI., has ambitious plans. His country and its neighbours, Algeria and Tunisia, would like to become independent from Europe when it comes to energy. The initial conditions are excellent, since the country possesses enormous “Solar potential.”

Under the leadership of Mohammad VI, Morocco has made significant investments in the development of solar power, with the goal of increasing the country’s reliance on renewable energy sources.

Up until 2020, Morocco plans to build solar PV power plants with a total capacity of 2 Gigawatts.

A Beneficial Route for People, the Environment and the Economy

The environment is currently strained by the growing industrialisation and urbanisation in Morocco, and also by the use of fossil fuels. This is why the Moroccan Government adopted a new national energy strategy in 2011, which will last until 2030. The new strategy will expand electricity production through renewable energy resources and by promoting energy efficiency.

J.v.G. technology: Bavarian Roots and International Orientation

J.v.G. technology GmbH has more than 20 years of experience in the solar PV industry. The leader in turnkey factories for solar PV panel production, J.v.G operates globally.

The scope of our services ranges from consultancy in the field of solar production to the implementation of solar factories and solar PV power plants. But we can also accommodate customers who need single machines. We offer services worldwide in USA, Japan or Europe.

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